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    23 Nov 1960                                                     8 May 1961


    22 Jan 1962                                                  9 Nov 1962

    Newspaper Clippings

    Glasgow Herald


    An article by John Beaumont from Sea Breezes magazine Oct 1971

    Sea Breezes

    A first hand account of life on a Weather ship by Howard Cox

    Howard Cox  (click the pic to open the full pdf document)

    Weather Reporter fire 15th Jan 1960

    The Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald

    Met Office Atlantic chart

    My fathers collection

    Radio Sonde chart from Weather Monitor at station India 16 Feb 1972

    My fathers collection

    Met Office Radar Wind Data and Reduction Sheet

    My fathers collection

    Radio Sounding Data and Reduction Sheet

    My fathers collection

    Recording of a 67 ft wave by Weather reporter on 12 Sep 1961

    Click HERE for a full report of the wave by L Draper

    Click HERE for an article entitled "Ocean Weather Ships - a nostalgic look." Written for the Nautical News Column of the WUN (World Utility News) of Apr 2005 by Day Watson.


    2 ICAO news releases about weather ships

    Paul Cope

    Radio Operators Conditions of Service

    Paul Cope

    Article from Alastair Mars , From an 1970's Civil Service Magazine

    Paul Cope

    Greenock Evening Telegraph

    Newspaper cuttings about fire onboard Reporter whilst in dry dock being scrapped in 1978

    Middlesbrough Evening Gazette

    Ditching report from Weather Reporter 1970

    Paul Cope

    Click HERE for a page from Flight magazine showing the New Year Honours List from 1962 in which Weather ship Bosun H.F. Clifton receives a British Empire Medal.

    Click HERE for a document containing the text of a number of commons debates regarding the Weather ships

    Click the pic for the full article about life onboard a weather ship by Mik Cass

    2010 Mik Cass

    Click HERE for an article entitled History of the British Ocean Weather Ships by Capt C.R. Downes

    The Marine Observer 1977

    Click HERE for an article entitled Changes to the manning or the North Atlantic ocean station

    The Marine Observer 1982

    An article from MECCANO magazine from 1968

    An article from Childrens Newspaper from 1949

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