This drawing (on a piece of wallpaper) was done by my father who then built a balsa wood model of it complete with electric motor.

My fathers collection

An Ocean Weather Service cap badge from my fathers collection

My fathers collection



Badges for Radio Radar, Met, and Steward & Cook

H Routledge at British Air Force Insignia

A key found amongst my fathers memorabilia, unsure which ship it was from

My fathers collection

A name plate removed from a weather ship, possibly from when it was still in the RN

My fathers collection

A postage stamp depicting a Weather ship


A couple of envelopes sent from Weather Surveyor / Reporter


  • A scarce Vibroplex bug key with its original case and lead that has found its way over here to the UK Previous proud owner Paul R. Cope / G4BNU informs me "This key was used on WU/railway networks and has obviously handled lots of traffic in its time. It was found in a basement somewhere in Ohio U.S.A. In the 1970's I used it for a few years on the British Ocean Weather Ship "Weather Reporter" / MYDN in the North Atlantic when I was a Radio Op, also since then on the Amateur bands"."When found, it had very heavy carbon deposits around the contacts that I guess, was made worse as it is a single contact for both dots and dashes. The Guy who sold me it said its owner had passed away but used to be a Western Union Op and had something to do with the railroad, he took it away with him during WW2 and I guess this is where the carbon came from, keying some high power military Tx . So I think the key lay in the basement from 1945 until 1970 and really its amazing its survived. 73. Paul ".

  • Text & photo John at


    A cigarette card depicting a Weather Ship (1962)


    A Graphic of an OWS Flag

    Martin Grieve at Flags of The World

    Correspondence from when my father applied for his job as a Radio Technician

    My fathers collection

    Day Watson's Certificate of Discharge

    Day Watson

    Xmas day menu from Reporter in 1972

    Paul Cope

    Weather Monitor's bosun used to make ship's in bottles from empty Haig Dimple bottles

    Day Watson

    This Painting by Richard Woodman depicts Weather Monitor on Ocean Station India in January 1967, Richard painted it whilst at sea.

    Richard Woodman

    2 envelopes sent to Weather Watcher from Austria

    John Pitts

    Bill Howard's movement order appointing him to the Surveyor

    Bill Howard

    Bill Howard's welcome letter

    Bill Howard

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