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 Backlight for reading mercury in glass Kew Pattern Barometer, as used on Weather Ships prior to the introduction of Aneriod barometers in the early 1970,s .

Bob Aran

 Kew Pattern Barometer. This is very rare as few exist in pristine condition. These barometers were suspended on brass gimbals and protected by a frontal wooden bar , to avoid damage in rough weather. Temperature and height ( above Mean Sea Level tables had to be used do correct the actual pressure read to MSL.

Bob Aran

 These pictures are of a Christmas card, with a hand drawn picture probably being Weather Watcher

Bill Sibley

 A telegram sent from Bill onboard  Weather Surveyor to his sister for her birthday

Bill Sibley


Alan McGowans Discharge Papers

Alan McGowan

Laurie Lambert's "Order of Atlantic Squatters" certificate

Jenifer Cousins

Menu's from Weather Surveyor in 1969

Jennifer White

Weather Chart from 7 June 1969 from Weather Surveyor

Jennifer White

Robert White's Order of Atlantic Squatters Certificate

Jennifer White

Personal letter sent from Joe Morgan to Robert White

Jennifer White

Surveyors film list

Jennifer White

Surveyors menu

Jennifer White

Squid Room Voice Tube (Pigs Ear) and Captain's Voice Tube lid from Weather Surveyor.

From Bob Aran's collection

Paul Brooker

Blazer badge made by a crew members Aunt, of which only about 6 were made

Brian Hodgson

Pen & Ink drawing of Surveyor by Grenville Cottingham from a David Lord photo

Chris Jackson

Surveyor's menu from Xmas Day in 1966

Chris Jackson

2 Paintings by Stuart Beck of Admiral Fitzroy and Admiral Beaufort

Crown Copyright

Ship in a bottle made by Harry Clifton

Ron Cuthbertson

Surveyor launches a Radio Sond while Empress of England steams passed

This is a painting by Jim Rae

"Surveyor launches a Radio Sonde while Empress of England steams passed."

Jim Rae

Mike Hatch's Order of Atlantic Squatters Certificate

Mike Hatch

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