HMS Oakham Castle - Weather Reporter

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HMS Oakham Castle

Built by Inglis, Harland & Wolff and Robey

Launched 20 July 1944

Photo The Flower Class Forum, taken in 1947


Photo The Flower Class Forum, taken in the 1950's

Weather Reporter  (MYDN)

Converted to Weather Reporter in 1958 by James Lamont and Co at Glasgow

On 16th May 1958 HMS Oakham castle was renamed Weather Reporter by Lord Hurcomb, the then Chairman of the Meteorological Committee.

First voyage (#1) 22 May - 23 Jun 1958 on Station ALPHA
Departed (presumably from Greenock) 2209Z
First observation 15Z 23 May at 55.2N 6.9W


Last voyage (#145) 11 Apr - 10 May 1977 on Station Lima
Moored 0623Z 10 May
Last observation 15Z 9 May at 55.2N 5.6W

Reporter during her sea trials in 1958

 James Hall

Reporter on trials

Harry Paul

Alongside the ex Flower Class Corvette Weather Observer 

James Pottinger

James Pottinger

Sea Breezes Magazine

Weather Reporter at station India

R. Brass

Drawing of Reporter

Mike Hatch

Weather Reporter 1958

Alan Douglas

Crown copyright 2010, the Met Office

Alongside with Weather Adviser

Charlie McCurdy

Alongside with Weather Adviser

Charlie McCurdy

Derek Ogle

Derek Ogle

Leaving Station Alpha 1965

William MacLennan

Sea Breezes Magazine

Dave Offiler

Dave Offiler

Weather Reporter leaving for a tour of duty

Dave Offiler

Reporter in heavy seas

Dave Offiler

2010 Mik Cass

Alongside with Weather Adviser in 1966

William K Work

Paul Cope

Alongside with Weather Adviser

Paul Cope

Paul Cope

Reporter taken from Surveyor about 1964

Bill Howard


Reporter relieving Monitor at station India in 1972

Tom Keay

A damaged Reporters mast

Cameron Mackenzie

In Greenock in 1974

Trevor Pearce-Jones

Reporter in 1974

Derek Ogle

Reporter, taken in 1974

Gordon Ramsay

Reporter in 1976

Derek Ogle

Taken 17 Aug 1977 with Admiral Beaufort berthed outboard

Tom Carreyette

Being broken for scrap in Middlesborough Nov 1977


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