HMS Snowflake - Weather Watcher

HMS Snowflake

Built by The Smiths Dock Company, Middlesborough

Launched on 22 Aug 1941,

The Flower Class Forum

Weather Watcher

Converted to Weather Watcher in 1947 at Rosyth

 Tees built ships

 Tees built ships


Picture from the Babtie, Shaw and Morton archives, supplied by Stuart McMahon

Weather Watcher (with Observer behind) in the James Watt Dock

John Harney

Marine Observer

Bob Reid

Bob Reid

Harry Cocks

Weather Watcher at Great Harbour

Harry Cocks

Harry Cocks

Ron Cuthbertson

Watcher oiling at Old Kilpatrick in 1953

Alan Douglas


Weather Watcher in Reykyavik Harbour after her last voyage to Station Alpha in Dec 1961

Bob Reid


Waiting to be scrapped in Dublin in 1962

Scrapped in May 1962

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